Stop judging the parents of naughty children

Many parents feel judged when their children do not behave at all well in public places. Perhaps it has happened to you that when you see that child throwing stones in the park or that child who on your child’s birthday seems to be annoying everyone … the first thing you do is judge the parents, wondering how they are not able to support his son at bay. You might think they are horrible parents.

In realizing, any judgment you make of parents and their children may simply not be accurate. You need to stop judging the parents of naughty children, you want to know why? Here are some reasons.

You don’t know what happens to the child

That child may have experienced difficult moments in his life, such as the death of a close person, the illness of a relative, a car accident, etc. Any traumatic event can affect a child’s behavior. Any stressful event such as the divorce of the parents, who are always arguing … or a move, can also affect them.

They are difficult experiences that affect the development of a child, even when they occur in childhood or in the mother’s pregnancy. For this reason, although it seems that the child is choosing to be defiant towards the world, you do not know what is going on in his mind and heart.

You don’t know what the parents have been through

Parents of a naughty child may have had difficult experiences. Such parents may have lost a child and are in too much emotional pain to discipline their child well today. It may also be that one of the parents has been abused in the past and is having difficulty being a healthy parent to their own children.

Stressful life experiences affect the way parents interact with their children. Parents may also be facing financial problems that cause them to be too concerned about their situation to realize their children’s misbehavior.

In addition to all this, there may be other factors that influence such as that the child has some type of disorder, developmental delay, that parents no longer know what else to do with their child or that the rules of their house are not like yours . Whatever it is, what is paramount is that there is respect and if you are not going to help, then you better not say anything.